Creativity Is Core At Viv Newing Gallery. Come, get a glimpse into her creative process.

Creativity Rules!

Creativity is Core at Viv Newing Gallery.  Art is not my passion.What artist would say that?  Shocking? To say that art is my passion would be like saying that breathing is my passion. Creativity is at the core of my being, and creativity is the core of everything I do as an artist.

Staying Inside The Lines is Boring!

My very earliest memory is in kindergarten. That was the first time that I decided that staying inside the lines didn’t suit me. Lines (or rules if you will) I see as a guide. If they make sense I am there. If they don’t make sense that I might ignore them, or use them as a launching point. I might take those lines and completely transform them.

I don’t “do” Art, I create!

I am always happy to see that respected artists,( DaVinci, Picasso, etc.), did not confine themselves to a single form of creativity. I paint. I sculpt. I draw. I do craftwork. And, not infrequently, I combine painting and craft or drawing and craft to create mixed media work. It is always amazing to see how the different forms cooperate and join to create an entirely new message. Keeping this in mind, I needed a theme.  That is how I came up with “Creativity is Core at Viv Newing Gallery”, because I just do art, I create.

My Current Favorites, Cezanne, Van Gogh and Hockney!

Every artist whose work I have viewed has influenced me. That influence may be positive or negative. But I am never unmoved. I appreciate excellent workmanship and original thought. I have been known to travel across country to see an exhibit that appeals to me. My list of favorite artists is not static. It changes according to my mood. My top three, right now are Cezanne, Van Gogh and Hockney. They each bring a different sensitivity to their work. Their paintings consistently open my eyes to how the world is around me.

Formally trained, but always learning.

I have a degree in Commercial Art. I only pursued the commercial aspect in a minor way. (Could it be my dislike for rules?) For me the formal education was only one step in my artistic journey. I regularly take workshops with artists whose work I enjoy. I learn new media and techniques. One of the things I love about being an artist is that even though the message may not be new, there is always a new way to say it.

I will create until the end, but my art will make me immortal!

The beautiful thing about creating is that it cannot be stopped by age or disability. If you have doubts, do a Google search for blind artists. While what I have to say and the media I use to communicate may change over time, I plan to continue to express my creativity until the end of my life. Creativity is core at Viv Newing Gallery and will always be.